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Are you a Real Estate investor looking for exclusive investment opportunities? We give you priority access to pre-analyzed off market deals with high potential and positive cash flow.

Our Investors receive notifications when new properties are available, including rehab homes with flipping potential and discounted listings.

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Wholesale Florida Homes

Our wholesale buyers list is oriented for professional real estate investors who have access to cash or hard money and can close quickly.

Great Opportunities

We are one of the biggest source for Wholesale Listings in Florida Real Estate market. We offer extremely discounted properties all throughout Florida State, specifically focusing on Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

Real Estate Brokerage

CPaul Group is our in-house brokerage company that sell most of the properties we purchased. If you are having trouble selling your property, we have the most powerful network that get properties sold fast.

We Buy & Sell Hundreds of Houses

Wholesale Prices

At CPaul Group is able to offer the best deals that you normally won’t find, usually at 30-50% off retail value, and sometimes, even more. These are the deals reserved to our preferred buyers and you can be part of it in one simple step: filling out our Property Email Alert.

Guaranteed Clean Title

Our properties are sold free and clear of any liens, code violations/open permits. Our compromise is to refund your deposit in the case the matter cannot be resolved. And most of our properties close within 2 weeks of signing the contract.

Available Properties

Handyman deals, fixer uppers, discount homes, distressed property, properties in foreclosure, bank owned foreclosures. Our wholesale buyers list is changing weekly, and each property has been selected to be a great real estate investment.


I have been investing with CPaul Group since 2013 buying properties in Dade county, mostly rehab houses and discounted listings. My experience with the company has been great so far. I have make very profitable investments in all my flips and I highly recommend them as a premier Florida's Source of properties to invest.

Anne B. Michaels Private Home Investor

I found CPaul Group and Cecil in a Real Estate convention, many years ago. He is an entrepreneur guy who is setting the highest stardards on this business, he is always searching for innovations. It’s a great advantage investing with her guidance, he can make your investment process easier. I’m looking forward to doing more deals with him.

Anthony Evans Jr. Private Real Estate Investor